Official CA Osasuna game 

Includes all contents needed to play Table Football. 

"All the football emotion at your fingertips!" 

1 x Official CA Osasuna team (10 figures + 1 GK) 

1 x Team Blue colors (10 figures + 1 GK) 

1 x Pitch (110 x 75 cm)

2 x Goals

1 x Ball

1 x Instructions (English, French, Spanish)

Subbuteo is one of the world's most iconic sports games.

Fans of all ages will love the new re-energised Subbuteo range with greatly improved detail. No longer will players need to be glued back together having broken from the base yet again - the new players are so strong and flexible.

A new and improved pitch means your teams will never have moved so quickly and accurately.

With unparalleled detail;stronger and more flexible players you can now dazzle everyone with your skills. Pick your team;decide your game plan and victory will be at your fingertips!

A strong range of fully licensed Premier League Subbuteo teams are available including Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Subbuteo is a classic finger-flicking football-simulation action game. It is played on a large cloth playing field called a "pitch" (110 x 75cm), with teams of players that are represented by miniature men (3cm high) mounted on smooth round bases. The men are made to kick the ball by flicking their bases, which causes the men to slide around on the pitch, hitting the ball. The rules simulate nearly all details of a soccer game including ball possession and passing, throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks. 
Instructions included in this set.

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Osasuna 2017 Licensed Subbuteo Set

  • £34.99
  • £29.99

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